3D Printed Ambilight Clone

3D printed 24 L.E.D. Amblight clone using WS2812B L.E.D.s and running Hans at tweaking4all.com’s modified version of Adafruits Adalight Arduino sketch which he modified to use the FastLed.io Library.

The LED’s are arranged so they are aimed at the correct location of the screen regardless of the size of the screen. It has mounts for 200mm x 100mm Vesa mounts and a built in housing for the Arduino Nano clone. Its powered by a 5V 1A phone charger and communicates through the Arduino Nano’s built in USB port.


It is built in two halves that connect using 3 pin 2.54mm connectors and it held together by way of mounting it to the TV or monitor.


Below it is running the FastLed.io DemoReel sketch (excuse the flare up as the LED’s are very bright and the camera did not like it). For screen capture to use it for its intended purpose of a TV backlight to extend your field of vision I prefer Prismatik as the screen graber over Boblight that is mentioned in Han’s tutorial.


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