8×8 RGB L.E.D. Pingpong Ball Matrix

Many many years ago I picked up a couple of the original Rainbowduinos from seeed studio. I used one to build a table (that will be another post) and the second one sat around for a couple of years until I decided to build an 8×8 rgb matrix out of pingpong balls back in 2013.

My Rainbowduinos are version 1 and there is ZERO documentation left on the Internet on how to use or program them and they unfortunately require a library to control the shift registrars (or I would have to figure them out myself which didn’t seem worth it). This meant I was not going to be able to easily write software for the light so I opted to simply use the demo plasma sketch on this board since it was made for an 8×8 matrix already.

Here is a short video of the plasma sketch running.


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