8×8 RGB L.E.D. Pingpong Ball Matrix

Many many years ago I picked up a couple of the original Rainbowduinos from seeed studio. I used one to build a table (that will be another post) and the second one sat around for a couple of years until I decided to build an 8×8 rgb matrix out of pingpong balls back in 2013. My Rainbowduinos are version 1 and there is ZERO documentation … Continue reading 8×8 RGB L.E.D. Pingpong Ball Matrix

NCC 1701-D Warp Core

When I saw a 3d printed Warp Core Lamp created by ThePlanetMike on Thingiverse I had to have one but I was not satisfied with the resolution of his model so I remodeled it at a much higher resolution. The new model can be found here and the lighting solution I came up with can be found here. After completing the 3dmodel, painting, wiring and … Continue reading NCC 1701-D Warp Core

3D Printed Ambilight Clone

3D printed 24 L.E.D. Amblight clone using WS2812B L.E.D.s and running Hans at tweaking4all.com’s modified version of Adafruits Adalight Arduino sketch which he modified to use the FastLed.io Library. The LED’s are arranged so they are aimed at the correct location of the screen regardless of the size of the screen. It has mounts for 200mm x 100mm Vesa mounts and a built in housing … Continue reading 3D Printed Ambilight Clone